Renaissance Braid Headband Brynhildr

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Twist braid headband Brynhildr with two twist braids in braid crown style. This headband hairpiece is handmade to order in your hair color and has this special crown look due to braids of different thicknesses.

The front twist braid in this hairband is about 1.5 cm/ 0.6 inch and the second braid 2 cm/ 0.8 inch thick. Twist braids are great for so many styles, add a little glamour to your everyday styling with this little hair piece of high quality synthetic hair! Or use it for a fancy Renaissance hair style with your larp or reenactment costume - no long styling sessions needed, put this headband hairpiece on and you are done in maximum one minute!

Click here for quick order instructions in your hair color!

Our braid headbands fit every head!

The braided headband comes with a generous elastic part, so it will not be too small. If the hairband is too big, you can simply and quickly sew it smaller by hand with just a few stitches on the elastic part! Did you know that headbands slipping to the back of your head usually simply are too small for your head? Most women who know this problem assume that the shape of their head causes the headband to slip, but in most cases the headband is just too small. That is why we have you adapt the fit and deliver it rather a bit too loose than too tight!

We only use Kanekalon hair - best quality in synthetic hair! 

Kanekalon hair has a real touch feeling, a natural shine and is very carefree. You can wash your headband in lukewarm water with a mild shampoo. Put the shampoo in the basin and let the headband soak in the shampoed water, don't rub or squeeze it. Put it on a thick towel to let it drip-dry.

Please understand that this personalized item is made to order especially for you and cannot be returned! Read all details in our general terms and conditions.

Some product pictures show how to combine this hair piece with other hair jewelry or hair pieces. These items must be purchased extra.

Hair Color

Your hair color can be matched perfectly including highlights, lowlights and all shades, because all braided headbands are made to order exclusively! One's own hair usually contains 2-3 colors (only dark hair often consists of 1 color only), hence we include up to 3 colors in the price. Headbands should be matched to the upper parts of your hair only, because that is the part of your own hair they meet when you wear them.

Click here for extra large color charts!

Need color-matching tips or assistance? Click here!

How to give us perfect color instruction in 3 steps only, with the help of the menus above

The price includes a custom mix of up to 3 basic colors, a fourth or fifth color can be added at extra costs. Some special colors also cost extra, you will see this in the menu.

1st menu HAIR COLOR, choose your colors or enter "advice needed".

Press Ctrl and click all the colors you wish to choose for your hair piece. If you need more than 3 colors, choose the upgrades 4th or 4th and 5th color from the drop down menu, so the extra fees are added. If you forget this, we will send you a manual invoice for the extra fees and delivery will be delayed, because we can only start making your hair piece after this second invoice has been paid.
Option: If you want to make your purchase, but still need our support in choosing the best color match, choose "Advice needed!" instead. In this case delivery time cannot be met, because we can only start making your order when all information is complete. If extra costs because of a 4th or 5th color or special colors occur, we will send you a manual invoice and delivery time will only start after payment for this second invoice has been effected.

2nd box for optional color proportions "Insert proportions for colors if desired here"

If you wish more of one color and less of another use the little message box to insert desired proportions (e.g. 2/3 of color 8 and 1/3 of color 30). When you leave this box free, we will use equal proportions of all colors.

3rd menu "details for color mix"

Tick one of the checkboxes. If you wish several colors in a fine blend and one to be added as highlights, use the message box for proportions to tell us which one the hightlight color is.

Put the hair piece in your cart to safe your choice!

Color charts for all Magic Tribal Hair basic and special hair colors we mix to obtain/ imitate your hair color

Contact us for any questions about our custom color braid headbands/ hairbands!

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Gil in our shop on Etsy on Feb 18, 2021 Posted on 26 October 2022 at 18:47

it is absolutely beautiful, i love it!!

Susana Maltez in our EU shop on July 28, 2020 Posted on 5 October 2022 at 20:26

This is another wonderful headband; I do depend on this choice ,and wear it for parties. Huge success. . The color was simply perfect. Everyone thinks its my own hair. Congratulations.

Bea in our shop on Etsy on Nov 17, 2020 Posted on 5 October 2022 at 09:47

This hair piece makes me feel like a renaissance princess! Melanie was thorough with her colour matching and was lovely to converse with.

Gil Bring Posted on 18 March 2021 at 08:39

It is absolutely beautiful, i love it!!!

Kidonia Posted on 16 February 2021 at 00:54

This double twist head band is extremely comfortable and light and easy to wear. Yet it gives an exotic look which I love. Again the color and texture match my own hair perfectly.

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