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Magic Tribal Hair
owner: Melanie Penners
sole proprietorship
Tax-ID: 223/5224/2365
VAT/ Sales tax ID: DE288887298
Schlegelstr. 30
50935 Cologne
Web: www.magictribalhair.com
E-mail: [email protected]
Landline phone: 01149 221 2978136

DISCLAIMER Contract formation - cancellation right

(1) Contract formation
The contract is valid as soon as you have received the invoice in your e-mail account. Payment is due straight with your order and must be received within 3 days. Delivery time shown on top of the item description can only be met if you effect payment straight with your order. Therefore we sent you the first payment reminder as early as 1 hour after your order. Magic Tribal Hair is allowed to cancel your order if your payment has not received upon the third business day after your order. Please inform us Hair if you cannot pay in time for any reasons!

(2) Cancellation right
Legal regulations apply. After you have paid your order this means you cannot cancel your order any more, because orders of hand- & custom-made to order items can't be cancelled. All items by Magic Tribal Hair are hand-made to order exclusively and only after payment. We don't sell any pre-produced items. Many of our items are made as per your specification, so we do not accept any returns and do not offer any refunds.
Hair pieces, hair jewelry and costume accessories have direct contact with the body when worn. So returns are inacceptable for hygienic reasons as well, because according to health code laws we are not able to sell them to someone else.

Contact us in case of any questions:
Address for snail mail (no brick and mortar shop!):
Magic Tribal Hair
Melanie Penners
Schlegelstr. 30
50935 Cologne
Email: [email protected]
Land-line phone: 0049(0)221-2978136