Welcome to my shop! I am Melanie, hands, mind and heart of Magic Tribal Hair!

Magic Tribal Hair is special - just pick your desired hairstyle and have me handmake it in your hair color. I can match all hair colors, you will get your very own unique hair accessory, isn't this awesome?

Read my quick instructions for custom color matching & ordering at the top of the FAQ page! Naturally I'll assist you in ordering your perfect color match. 

You can't find your desired hairdo among my offers? Send me a picture and I will let you know which hair extension works best for you.

One hair extension = many styling options!

Most Magic Tribal Hair pieces are very versatile. This is great fun - even braided updos, lush hair buns and wild fantasy hairstyles are easy for you to make at home and in just a couple of minutes. 

Enjoy amazing good hair days with your very own Magic Tribal Hair piece!

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