Free Hair Color Matching Help - Picture Color Check

A picture paints a thousand words - give me a perfect picture of your hair!

Most customers who left raving revies for my custom color hair extensions used my free picture hair color check - it's really worth the effort.

I have a special screen to check your picture on and I can work very precisely (e.g. add first single gray hairs or super fine highlights or a shimmer of a color). I often use 3 of my basic colors and more for a single hair piece to get an exact copy of your hair, but this is doable only when I can see all details of your hair. You can read more about the complexity of hair colors here at the bottom of this page!

Use your phone or a camera and stick to my instructions below!

Remember: One picture hair color check is free, don't waste it!

What happens after you have e-mailed your picture?

I will suggest an exact blend for your hair piece
(e.g. 50 % of color 22/27 in a fine blend with 30 % color 613 and 20 % color 27 for the example pictures below, the model dyes her hair regularly, so there is no need to include the darker roots).

You doublecheck my advice with the picture color table on the bottom of this page and naturally with your hair in real.

Then you will let me know if I should use this blend/ place your order in this blend or which blend I should use instead/ place your order with the blend adapted by you!

Take a picture like these examples for getting a perfect color match!

Using my instructions is so important because a hair piece matched to this kind of picture in most neutral light will change hair color in other light situations just like your own hair does!
My requirements for your picture are very detailed, but you will be able to follow even if you are not good with photography or technical stuff.


Really ouside, NOT near a window, NOT on your balcony, NOT in your car.

2. NO sunlight! A cloudy day is perfect!

Or look for not too dark shade and don't use a flash!

3. Stand in front of a clean background

A wall, large bush/high fence without light coming through). Take the picture with NO sky in the background.

4. All light must come from behind the camera.

The lightest part of the scenery must be behind the camera and not in the picture (you are in front of the camera).

5. Your hair is down in the parting you usually have.

Your parting is more to one side? Take the picture from that side!

6. Point your shoulder or your back to the camera/ take the picture from the side or the back!

7. Check your picture and send it!

Is it blurry, does your hair color look strange or is there a glare? - Take a new one!
Is it clear and your hair color looks like you know it? - Send it!
We can match to one picture only, so send one picture only!

Mail your picture to [email protected]. I need to check it on my special screen for color matching, this can't be done with pictures sent through whatsapp, so I need you to e-mail it to me.

Here are some examples for pictures that don't work

If you understand all details in the how-to instructions above, this might be confusing to check though ;-).

Please don't send a picture like one of these for your custom color match!

Color table to check with:

color table to doublecheck my color advice with

Thank you for working with me on your perfect color match and for taking a picture to my instructions and the two sample pictures with green hook above!

General Hair Color Information

Many hair colors are composed of 2-3 colors. A darker color underneath, a lighter shade in the top layers and in long hair tips are usually even lighter, even if you do not dye your hair. Highlights can ask for an extra color, too.

Overall with long hair, our hair is usually darkest on top of our head and lighter in our lengths. Keep in mind that with many hair pieces you use your own hair for attachment only, so the hair piece meets mostly the darkest shade on top of your head and not your tips. Your tips might even be completely hidden, but if you do not include their shade at all, you will get a darker color than you are used to see on yourself. So you might want to include the color of your tips in a small percentage as fine highlights for example. Just do not make the common mistake to compare the colors of our charts or swatches with the color in your lengths only. I think this is what people mostly do, because this is the visible part of their hair without a mirror.

Black and very dark brown hair
People with very dark hair tend to have one color only, this affects hair colors 1-4 mostly.

Brown shades are more complex, here 2-3 colors are usually needed for an exact copy of your own hair.

Blond shades are even more complex, the darker the blonde, the more colors are usually needed, sometimes even 4 or 5 for an exact copy.

Gray hair is similar to blonde, gray itself is always color NW. If you have first gray hairs these can be included in your hair piece as single gray hairs of color NW. If your whole hair is gray you might still need more than just color NW, in very small proportions only but these make out that your hair piece looks so realistic. Many customers have in between shades, their original hair color, many gray hairs and some new shades occuring like a blonde, a fair brown but also a very dark brown they have not had before. For these shades I often need 4 or 5 basic colors for an exact copy.

Red hair is not as complicated as many of you think. Most lighter henna dyes include colors 350 and 130, most darker henna dyes colors 35 and 350 as basic colors. Natural reds are usually in the range of colors 27, 30 and 130. All red shades are as easy to match for me as other hair colors. I offer some special reds, these are elaborate blends that have proven to be quite popular, so I added them to the color charts. They can still be changed by blending with other colors but it does not make sense to combine 2 of them, for example witch red and chilli. If you think this is your hair color you should better contact me for the picture color check.

I hope you enjoyed reading about hair colors and just get back to me for any questions!