How do I order? FAQ


Open the item by clicking it, insert all details for customization through the menus, put the item in your cart by clicking "add to cart".
Open cart by clicking the cart symbol, click "proceed to checkout".
Insert your details (address, preferred payment option etc.), tick newsletter checkbox if wanted, tick checkbox for accepting our policies (naturally we recommend reading them in advance) and place and send your order by clicking the purple button sayin "Buy".
An order confirmation and the invoice is sent to your e-mail address instantly, please make your payment now.

Where is my cart?

On your phone it is in the top right corner, on a laptop/ desktop device it is in the middle at the very top. You still can't see it? Make sure to accept/ reject or just click close the cockie banner!

Where is the "add to cart"-button?

On top of the item description, it's blue and changes its color to purple when you wipe over it with your finger or the mouse device. 
You see your item but not the button? This is like standing in the supermarket in front of the shelf but not taking your item but just looking at it. To get the item "in your hand" and look at all details is done by clicking it in a web shop. Then the item description and more pictures will become visible and the "add to cart"-button as well. 

I can't put the item in my cart!

Then you might have forgotten to insert all details for customization. All fields in the menu marked * are required fields, because we can't make your item without knowing these details. If you missed to insert important details, you will always get a red box telling you what you forgot to fill in.

Where is the color charts/ where can I see the hair colors?

You pick your colors through the menu on the very top of the item description. The color charts, where you can see what all colors really look like, is IN the item description, so you must scroll down a bit. Please look at the colors before making your choice! Color perception differs, so you might name the colors differently then we did. Going by the pictures ensures you to make the right choices. 

I've picked my colors through the menu, but the item picture does not change! 

We handmake all hair pieces to order and we can indeed match ALL hair colors. Most hair colors are matched by mixing several basic colors which means there is more than 1 color in a hair piece order and there are uncountable possibilities. So we cannot provide a picture of all these countless mixes that are possible ;). 

Where can I see my shipping costs?

In your cart and during checkout. Put all items in your cart and insert your country and ZIP code. 

Suddenly my cart is empty!

When you are visiting our shop as a guest, your cart will be emptied when you have not been active for 30 minutes. When you have created an account with us and put items in your cart while being logged in, your cart will be saved for two weeks (you need to login for the next session again to see your cart).
If you wish to save items for a longer perios than 2 weeks, please use our wish list option. You must create an account first and be logged in to be able to collect items on your wish list.

I have a coupon, how can I redeem it?

You can insert the coupon code in your cart or during checkout to redeem your coupon.