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FAQ Shop Policies (read full policies further below):

I can hardly see any reviews in this shop, how can I trust you?

This shop is brand new and we hope you will leave a review for your item after you've received it! So far you can read about other customer's experiences with Magic Tribal Hair here:
At Etsy
At Ebay*magic-tribal-hair*com
In our European web shop (reviews are in the item descriptions in case a customer has already written one for respective item):

How much sales tax must I pay?

None, you shop sales tax free with us, you see your final price already in the shop! Customers outside the U.S. might be charged import sales tax, deliveries to customers in all U.S. states remain sales tax free for values below $ 800.

0 % sales tax and no custom duties for customers in the U.S.!

Deliveries within the USA to all states are sales tax free and duty free up to a total value of $ 800. Total value means all your items and shipping costs. This $ 800 limit is also called DeMinimis Value, click here to read more on the pages of the U.S. customs and border protection!

How much is shipping?

You get free priority shipping including tracking (at for customers in the U.S.) and insurance for all orders value $ 35 (sum of all items in your cart). Shipping costs $ 9.50 for all orders below $ 35 except hair color swatches which we ship for free as well and gift cards which you receive as PDF file through e-mail.

When will I get my order?

All our items are handmade to order, you find the delivery time per item on top of the item description. If you are ordering several items, the delivery times do NOT add, still your delivery time might be longer than the one shown in the item with the longes one of your order. Please contact us for any questions about this or when you need your item for a special occasion!
If regular delivery time is too long for you: Rush orders are sometimes possible at additional costs, please check our rush offer or contact us if you are late with your order.

Do you accept returns?

Please understand that our items cannot be returned because they are customized i.e. hair pieces are custom-matched to your hair color. So they are made especially for you and cannot be returned or exchanged. Moreover most items cannot be returned due to health code laws as well, because we are not able to tell whether a hair piece has been worn or not, so we are not allowed to resell it.

Can I track my parcel?

Yes, you can track your parcel at the USPS site (customers outside the US must use the tracking of their postal services).

What happens if my parcel gets lost or damaged?

Naturally we will make and ship your order again in this case or refund you, in case you ordered a discontinued item so we cannot make you another one. Since all our parcels are insured and can be tracked, the postal services handle them carefully and it is easy for us to see if something gets lost and to reclaim our expenses from the postal services. On the other hand this means that the risk is very low, we've had 1 lost parcel every other year up to now only!

Full Shop Policies

Thank you for your interest in custom color hair extensions, hair jewelry and costume accessories by Magic Tribal Hair. We proudly offer our handmade products worldwide; this shop is for customers in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and all other countries outside the European Union. EU customers please visit our European shop, click here!

§1 field of application

These terms and conditions apply to the production, sale and supply of items by Magic Tribal Hair to the customer and no other terms shall apply. Magic Tribal Hair reserves the right at its sole discretion to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

§2 Order – payment – custom duties

(1) Order process
The contract is valid with your purchase of one ore more of our offers, an order confirmation including your invoice is mailed to your e-mail address right after your order. Payment is due right with your order. Magic Tribal Hair will make the items ordered according to your customization details on your advance payment. 

(1B) Coupons
Coupons codes must be inserted straight with your order during checkout process
and cannot be redeemed later on. If you forgot to insert the coupon code, you can still use it for your next order, at least in case it won't have expired by then. 
Discount coupons can be used for all items in our shop, but not for already discounted items in our sale section or gift cards and surprise bags, unless this is stated specifically in the discount offer. If there is a minimum order value for any coupon, the minimum order value is the value your order must have before the coupon is deducted. Your order value is the sum of all items ordered except gift cards, surprise bags and shipping costs.
Surprise bag coupons and coupons for other free items can only be used if your order value is equal to or higher than the order value announced in the offer. Your order value is the sum of all items ordered except gift cards, surprise bags and shipping costs.
Free shipping coupons might be bound to a certain order value. In this case they can be used if your order value is equal to or higher than the order value announced in the offer. Your order value is the sum of all items ordered except gift cards, surprise bags, sale items and shipping costs. 

All coupons announced in the slideshow or banner on the homepage of this shop, on our Facebook page, in our newsletter or on our flyers etc. can only be used once per customer. You can't redeem more than 1 coupon per order, the only exceptions are gift cards. If you wish to use a coupon and redeem a gift card, please contact us in advance so we can message you with a combined coupon code.

(2) Payment:
Use your credit card or pay us through paypal, just as you like. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards through our payment processor stripe (exception Discover Card, use it through paypal)!
payment options at
Payment must be made in US $ and is due straight with your order. Please pay the same day, if you want us to meet our delivery times. 
We only deliver on advance payment. All our items are handmade to order, so we will start making your order only after your payment has been received. You will receive an e-mail confirmation for receipt of your payment to your registered mail address. We cancel unpaid orders after 3 days.

Note if your currency is not US $: Your credit card institute might charge you for the conversion to US $. Conversion fees for Paypal payments are included in the conversion rates Paypal uses. 

(3) Custom duties and import sales tax
Deliveries to the USA are import sales tax and duty free up to a total value of $ 800, this $ 800 limit is also called DeMinimis Value, click here to read more on the pages of the U.S. customs and border protection!
You shop sales tax free/ GST free in our shop, all item prices are the final price you pay, only shipping costs are added. Custom duties might apply and must be paid by the customer, customs might also charge import sales tax which is your country's sales tax/ GST. But since we do not charge you any sales tax/ GST, you are not charged twice. Deliveries are often free of custom duties and import sales tax/ GST up to a certain value; Magic Tribal Hair adds the relevant form and a copy of the invoice to every delivery to ensure quick processing at the customs office. Please inform about customs duties and import sales taxes at your local customs office.

§3 Contract formation - cancellation right

(1) Contract formation
The contract is valid as soon as you have purchased your items, an order confirmation and your invoice are sent to your mail address immediately. Payment is due straight with your order, read all details about payment above!

(2) Cancellation right
Legal regulations apply. After you have paid your order this means you cannot cancel your order any more, because orders of hand- & custom-made to order items  are being made for you then. All items by Magic Tribal Hair are hand-made to order exclusively and only after payment. We don't sell any pre-produced items. Many of our items are made as per your specification, so we do not accept any returns and do not offer any refunds.
Hair pieces, hair jewelry and costume accessories have direct contact with your body while you wear them. So returns are inacceptable for hygienic reasons as well, because we cannot see if they have been worn or not and according to health code laws we are not able to sell them to someone else.

Exceptions are lost and damaged parcels/ items, of course. If any of your items is damaged, please contact us with clear pictures of your item(s) where we can see the damage. We might even ask you to return your items in this case, for example if we need a physical proof to file a claim with our postal services. If a return is necessary, you are obliged to use the original wrapping. If not possible because of damage you must remove all labels, the CN 22 custom forms and the invoice from the original parcel, put them on the return parcel and mark the parcel clearly as return so sender parcel. This is extremely important, because withouth this paperwork the parcel will be stuck in customs and might even be sent back to you! Return shipping is refunded by us as soon as we have received the return parcel. Naturally we will not refund items and return shipments for any forced returns = items that have been intentionally damaged by a customer to force a return for a customized item or parcels customers refused to accept.

Contact us in case of any questions:
Address for snail mail (no brick and mortar shop!):
Magic Tribal Hair
Melanie Penners
Schlegel street 30
50935 Cologne
Email: [email protected]
Landline phone: 01149-221-2978136

§4 Delivery time

Delivery time starts with you sending the payment for your order, so we recomment paying your order right with your purchase. Delivery time is the total of business days (Monday-Saturday) your order needs to arrive at your door (or your local post office in case you are not present when delivery is attempted and there isn't any other person in charge to accept your parcel for you). You find the delivery time in work days (Monday to Saturday) for each item on top of the item description. Production time and shipping time both ingo delivery time.
We handmake all items to order, so production times can differ extremely for different items. If you order several items with different delivery times, the longest one might apply to your order. However if you are placing a larger order of 2 or more custom color hair pieces or several pieces of hair jewelry, delivery time might be longer than the one shown with the item with longest delivery time of your order. Please contact us right with your order in case you need your items for a special date or to discuss exact delivery time for your order! If notified early, we might be able to make special arrangements for you.  

Deliveries can only be carried out punctually if payment is sent right with your order, or in other words the same day. Delay in payment might naturally cause delay in delivery, too.

§5 Terms of shipment and shipping costs
Your shipping costs are calculated automatically and displayed in your shopping cart, just enter your country and Zip code to check!

Shipping costs include postal charges, boxing and handling and are paid by the customer. We only ship insured and with tracking. Tracking information is sent to you as soon as your order has shipped. Parcels to the United States can be tracked through the USPS site, parcels to other countries through respective postal site of your country.

Lowest shipping price is US $ 9.50 which covers priority shipping including tracking and insurance. Most smaller/ lower price hair pieces and hair jewelry orders can be shipped for US $ 9.50. Larger/ more expensive hair pieces or several smaller ones usually come with US $ 13, several larger/ more expensive hair pieces with $ 16 shipping costs alltogether, of course! Please check your exact costs in your cart!

Important notice: The customer is responsible for providing the right shipping address. If delivery fails due to a wrong address provided by the buyer, the buyer must pay the costs for another shipment. If delivery failed due to a customer not picking up their parcel at their local post office or any other local storage place/ pickup, the parcel is returned to us. While shipping to you is very quick, returns are very slow and it can take 2-3 months until we have your parcel back and are able to send it to you again. Moreover you would have to pay the second shipment, because it is your responsibility to pick up your parcel in time and we've done our best to inform you about these circumstances. If delivery time cannot be met due to such a delay not caused by us, the contract cannot be cancelled.

§6 Prices

All prices are final prices/ gross prices and do not contain any sales tax/ GST, you shop sales tax/ GST free with us. Prices are in United States Dollar which is our billing currency.

All prices by Magic Tribal Hair are subject to change.

§7 Reviews
Reviews can be sent in by anyone but we will publish customer reviews on our page only. We check all reviews before they go live and will remove such from none costumers, because only genuine reviews telling about real experiences with our shop will be helpful for other customers.

This shop is brand so we hope for your review after you've received your order! So far you can read about other customer's experiences with Magic Tribal Hair here:
At Etsy
At Ebay*magic-tribal-hair*com
In our European web shop (reviews are in the item descriptions in case a customer has already written one for respective item):