Fantasy Costume & Belly Dance Accessories

Accessorize your belly dance or fantasy larp, cosplay or halloween costume with our enchanting, whimsical and multi-purpose accessories! Don't miss the special versions with peacock feathers or leaves!

Use the "Mix & Match Your Accessories" category to filter all accessories for a specific costume (i.e. mermaid, fairy, steampunk style...), color etc. and to mix a costume set of matching accessories of the same model. Here you can see hip tassels and larger yarn or dread falls and matching hair flowers/ hair clips right next to each other.

Or shop hip & hair tassel clips and hip & hair scarves only!
Hip & hair tassel clips/ yarn falls and hip scarves are gorgeous costume accessories for larp and cosplay costumes, belly dance, tribal fusion belly dance, halloween and other fantasy costuming!
 We offer a manifold of costume accessories you can wear single or in gorgeous combinations (the mix & match category is better for shopping combinations/ sets)! Many of our hip & hair tassel clips have a matching yarn or dread fall - hip & hair tassel clip Emerald Fairy naturally goes perfectly with yarn fall Emerald Fairy. Actually the tassel clip is the smaller variant of a yarn or dread fall!