Custom Hair Pieces, Braids, Headbands & More. Handmade in Your Hair Color!

Our philosophy: Pick your hairstyle/ hair piece - we will make it in your hair color!

When you explore our custom color hair pieces of kanekalon hair, you simply look for your desired hairstyle! All hair extensions, hair falls, braids, braided headbands, bun updos and fantasy extensions are available in all hair colors, because we handmake them to order in your hair color!

Click here for quick order instructions in your hair color!

So you order the desired hair piece model for your perfect styling and we make it it in your hair color. We can match your hair color perfectly including highlights, lowlights and all shades and we can also make hair pieces for redheads or grey ones, of course! Naturally your custom color mix is included in the price!

Click here for extra large color charts for all braided headbands and hair pieces up to 22 inches/ 55 cm length! 

Click here for extra large color charts for all hair falls & braids up to 39 inches/ 100 cm length!

Need color-matching tips or assistance? Click here!

Naturally we will assist you in picking the right color mix, we can make a photo check, you can order free color swatches... please click the link above for all details about our color-matching services so you can pick your preferred option! 

Long-lasting & multi-styling hair extensions
We believe in long lasting hair pieces so we limited our product range to rebraidable braids and buns. This means you can easily unbraid all our braids, comb the hair and rebraid the braid. Your braid looks neat every time you wear it and you can even change the style whenever you want - just twist the hair to make a twist braid! On top of that go get a long-lasting hair bun by pinning up your braid hair piece. All our bun solutions are simply made of a pinned up braid hair piece which ensures that your bun will always look as neat or as messy as you want to. 

About our hair

Magic Tribal Hair exclusively uses kanekalon hair - best quality in synthetic hair! Kanekalon hair has a real touch feeling, a natural shine and is very carefree. Hair pieces can be combed easily and be washed when necessary. We deliver all hair pieces with detailed instructions for attachment, use and care.