Braided Rustic & Country Hair Styles

Braided Rustic & Country Hair Styles

Braided hairstyles would be so easy to make if we just had enough hair! Problem solved easily with our little styling helpers and ready to wear braided hairdos!

The secret behind these lush and fancy hair styles is the right hair piece!

Lush and long braids are gorgeous for rustic hairdos!

Üppiger XL Fantasy Zopf mit edlen Amaryllis Haarblüten

Shop the look! Supersize Fantasy Braid   ~   Amaryllis Hair Flowers

Extra lange Zöpfe, einzeln oder als Paar gehören einfach zu Trachten!

Shop the look! Single Snow White Braid   ~   Pair of Snow White Braids  

Clever and simple - the "put-on" braided hair crown - or in other words: A braid headband!

Flechthaarband zum Dirndl

Shop the look! Elf Braid Headband   ~   Daisy Hair Flowers

XXL Zopfhaarband Gretel

Shop the look! Supersize Braid Headband Gretel

Or have a look at all headbands here!

A gorgeous combination: Matching braid or hair bun and headband hair pieces!

Rapunzel Haarband und Zopf mit besonderem Flechtmuster

Shop the look! Rapunzel Braid   ~   Thick Rapunzel Headband

Braided headband and braid or hair bun as a perfect match!

Shop the look! Lush L Size Braid   ~   Thick Double Braid Headband   ~   Lush L Size Bun

Use a 90 cm/ 36 inches long braid to make a lush halo braid hair crown!

Zünftige Trachen Zopfkrone aus einem langen Zopf

Shop the look! M Size Braid & Halo Crown Extra

Zopfkrone mit Paranda Zopfwunder aus gewelltem Haar

Shop the look! Braid Wonder Hairpiece for many stylings

If you have 15 minutes for styling you might want to try one of the many updo options with a pair of braids!

Aufwendige Flechtfrisur in wenigen Minuten mit Haarteilen als Helfer

Shop the look! Braided Elf Updo    ~   Hair Flowers


All hairpieces are handmade to order in any hair color! Discover more stylings and hair piece models here in our shop!


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