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Color swatches to check hair color for your custom color hair falls, braid or wild style hair piece from 60 cm/ 24 inches up to 100 cm/ 39 inches length!

Naturally you can also use the picture color charts in each hair piece offer to check the colors needed for your hair piece. The swatches are an alternative if the online color charts are not sufficient for you.

Shipping of the swatches to you is free!

Color swatches are FREE, too, if

we receive them back in new condition within 3 weeks from purchase and when you order a custom hair piece within the same 3 weeks as well. The price for the color samples is a protective charge, because we make them by hand and would thus like to reuse them for other customers. Shipping to you is free of charge, too, only return postage must be covered by you.

Important information about hair colors, please read!

Your hair color can be matched perfectly including highlights, lowlights and all shades for hair pieces up to 55 cm/ 22 inches length, because all our hair pieces are made to order exclusively! One's own hair usually contains 2-3 colors, only dark hair (colors 1-6) often consists of 1 color only. Hence we include up to 3 colors in the price for most hair extensions and you can add additional basic colors at little extra costs if needed. The only exception are our extra long hair pieces, 60-100 cm/ 24-39 inches long. Here only two basic colors can be mixed due to technical reasons with this extremely long hair. Colors can only be mixedwith thick highlights for the same reasons. You can use our free picture hair color check first to see if we can make a good match for your hair in extra long hair pieces, or if a 22 inches/ 55 cm long one would be the best color match, because we can imitate all hair colors in this shorter length.

In many cases one of our basic colors is close to your hair color, so we would pick it as the basic color for your hair piece as well. Additional colors will make your hair piece look real, because they add shades, nuances, highlights and shimmer of your own hair to the hair piece. If your own hair is right in between two basic colors, a fine blend of these two colors will be the basic mix for your hair color or a highlight mix when it comes to these extra long hair pieces, because fine blends are only available for the 22 inches hair piecesdur to technical reasons.

Color check works best in a most neutral light situation which is outside in natural daylight, neither bright sun nor deep shade, a cloudy day works best. We highly recommend taking a small mirror and checking outside with the swatches and not just at the window! Your hair color looks different in different kinds of light, a hair piece matched in neutral light will change the same way as your own hair!

How we make your color mix

We have developed our own techniques, because working with synthetic hair differs strongly from having your hair dyed at your local hairdresser's. Your hairdresser blends the liquid color and applies it to your hair. We take bundles of hair in the basic hair colors we need for your hair piece, part them and put them together again until we have the desired mix. 
This time-consuming work by hand enables us to make thick streaks up to fine highlights. Or to get a fine blend which actually is a new color and you cannot recognize the single basic colors in this mix any more.
So the technical side differs strongly from hair coloring at the hairdresser's but we get the same result! Just to give you an example: When we blend two fair shades of blonde and a copperish shade, we get a new shade of blonde with a slightly copperish shimmer.

FREE color advice as alternative to swatches order

We can give advice if you send us a high quality picture of your hair! Read here how to take the kind of photo we need (will open in a new window)!
We recommend using our color advice based on a photo first. Due to our daily work with our basic colors we are very experienced in which colors we need to combine to get an exact copy of your hair color. 
One color consulting is included in the price of your hair piece. Naturally the picture color check saves time as well, because you can send your photo immediately to [email protected] and you might get advice still the same day. If our advice does not convince you, you are still free to order color swatches, of course.
Click here to read all details about our picture hair color check (will open in a new window)!

When do color swatches work better than the picture check?

Ordering color swatches works best for people who are able to imagine how the colors in the strands of the single basic colors look like when blended.  
Or with hair colors that are difficult to distinguish with our online color charts, like do you have black hair and you are usure if it's color 1 (slightly blueish shade) or color 1 B (without blueish shade) you need? Or do you have very dark brown but not black hair and are not sure if it's color 3, 4 or 6 or a mix of them? The live color check with swatches is usually easier and more accurate with very dark hair.
Do you wish to dye your hair in a different color and want your hair piece in this new color?
Your hair stylist will dye your hair:
 Here it can be helpful to have your hair stylist check with your new hair color and if they don't fell comfortable working with the online color charts, you can show them the swatches you ordered from us. Your hair stylist might even prefer to have you order your hair piece first so they can dye your hair in this color. 
You will dye your hair yourself: We recommend doing the dye first, because it often differs from the result shown on the packing and neither we nor you can foresee how it will come out on your hair. 

Basic Hair Colors

Click here for extra large color charts!


Instructions for taking a high quality picture for color regocnition:

Device & resolution:
You can use your phone or a regular camera, but we need a large picture, minimum resolution is 600 px for shortest side, the larger the better!

Natural daylight, no extreme light conditions light full sun or deep shade, a cloudy day is perfect. Take the picture with the stream of light! Your hair color looks different in different kinds of light, your hair piece should change the same way, so we must match it in this most neutral light situation!

Your hair: 
Your entire open and dry hair (any close-ups or details shots of a strand only, any pictures with hats or fascinators, braids, updos, pony- or pigtails!). You must be the only person, any party or group pictures!

Image section: 
Take the picture from the side or the back, you should be seen from the top of your head until the middle of your back, different color shades can be recognized much better from a little distant perspective. If you can't but take a selfie, use a selfie stick!
Number of pictures: 
Only 1! 
If you wish to send us several pictures, please add which one we should use for our advice and which ones serve as additional information only. This is necessary, because only you know your real hair color so only you can determine which picture reflects it best.

Please contact us for any questions about our custom color hair pieces or color swatches!

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Meredith in our shop on Etsy on Jun 16, 2022 Posted on 16 April 2023 at 17:48

Amazing quality and quick delivery!!

heikekoenig80 in our shop on Etsy on Mar 31, 2015 Posted on 3 October 2022 at 14:28

These samples are really helpful - I would definitely recommend getting them. Melanie also advised me which ones to pick which was great as my first choice of colour range was a bit off. Looking forward to getting my perfectly matched braid now :-)

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