Dreads for short hair

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Dreadlocks hair falls for extra short hair - minimum hair length is only 2 inches/ 5 cm! While these dreadlocks are great as highlights in long hair, they serve as full dread falls in short hair, just use a hair scarf to complete the illusion!  

These dreadlocks solution is very popular among tribal fusion belly dancers with short hair. The combination of hair scarf and dreadlocks is also a great base to attach further tribal hair jewelry - just get creative!

All dreadlocks styling options are shown in the pictures, please take a look! Full color charts below this item description! Different lengths and set sizes available, check the prices in our menu! Naturally there is a set discount, too, because we save time when we make several clips of the same color and length in a row, and when we save time, you save money :). Compared to our regular dread falls on a strong hair tie, these dreadlock clip-ins are way more time-consuming in production, so they take longer to deliver and cost more than our regular dread falls.

Our dreadlocks are made of special, very lightweight high quality yarns, a synthetics-wool mixture. Every lock is sealed at its end to avoid dissolving ends and to guarantee you a long-life hair piece.

How many clip-ins do I need?

You need a set of 4-6 clip-ins to have enough volume for a complete dread fall in short hair. 4 clip-ins are the minimum and approximately the volume of a single size M dread fall on a hair tie and 6 clip-ins are approximately the volume size of a regular size L dread fall on a hair tie. Please check the regular dread fall listings for an overview of the regular dread fall sizes on hair ties. For the extra long variant 5 clip-ins are the minimum, because an extra along ponytail also needs some extra volume. That is why we even offer larger sets for extra long dreads - up to 8 clip-ins in a set.

Dreadlocks diameter/ thickness & number of dreads per clip

The single dreads are Ø 0.5 - 1.3 cm/ 0.2-0.5'', only exceptions are the colors marked as "fine" in the charts which are about 0.7 cm/ 0.3'' in diameter. each clip comes with 20-24 single dreads.

Dreadlocks length

We seal each dreadlock at its end to guarantee you a long-lasting hair piece. This means that you should not cut the dreads but order them in right length for you. The maximum lengths of 57 cm/ 22.5 inches and 97 cm/ 38 inches are the perfect lengths for wearing these clip ins in our other hair extensions. Please use the "exact length" message box and fill in the length you need. You can leave it free when you need the maximum length of the set you buy. 

How to get shorter dreads
If the maximum lengths of the sets are too long for you, please use the "exact length" box to insert the right length for you. 

This item is hand-made to order especially in your desired length! Please understand that hair pieces cannot be returned for these and for hygienic reasons as well.


This professional clip attachment is very easy to handle. There are braid hair pieces on the clips in the picture below, still the attachment is the same, because the clips are the same ones: Open the clip by pressing it slightly at both sides - the little comb part moves backwards leaving a gap - the clip is open. Take a thin strand of your hair and push in the little comb of the clip and push it up to the scalp, so it will not move and cannot pull or tweak. Press again at the sides to close.
Always take a strand a little below your parting (see pictures with fairer hair below), so there will be some hair on top to cover the clip. Naturally you can also attach it to other places on your head!
Take a very thin strand of hair only, if you take too much, the clip won't close properly. Do the pull test by pulling the extension. Does it hardly move? Then you did it just right! If it moves much more than 1 cm/ 0.4 inches, you took too much hair, so try a thinner strand in this case. Our clips are from professional wig production and they are made for use with thin/ fine hair and provide very strong hold!

Dreadlocks Colors

Use the drow down menu on top of the item description to tell us the desired color for your set. You can pick one color mix per set. Click here if you need a larger resolution of the color charts below!

Color charts for clip in dreads, regular colors without custom mixes and special editions

Click here for special edition mixes and customization upgrades in our clip-in dreads section!

Please contact us for any questions about super lightweight  and multi-purpose clip-in dreadlocks!

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Louise Islam in our EU shop on March 12, 2018 Posted on 4 October 2022 at 07:03

I received this item this morning and I was absolutely delighted with it. I certainly give it 5 stars! I am so happy with it, I may consider buying them again in different colours.

Charlie in our shop on Etsy on Jul 6, 2018 Posted on 3 October 2022 at 20:58

Set Size: 7 clips,24-38 inches
Color: 22 henna & chestnut
It's really great, I love them. At first it is a bit challenging to put on but you actually get used to it pretty fast. It's wonderful!

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